Are you ready to play great no matter how you feel?

“I’m ready…Let’s do this!”

In a world where we put so much emphasis on our physical mechanics…

We forget to work on and improve our mental skills and mindset

Now’s YOUR time to begin to build that mindset!
I was never the best player, fastest baserunner, or the most athletic on any of the teams I ever played on in my career…it was my mindset that set me apart.
Over the years, I learned many mental skills and developed my own as well.

These are just a few things you will learn as a result of working with me…

• Tap into flow more consistently and effectively
• Build bulletproof confidence
• Block out distractions
• Overcome failure before it even happens
• Perform intentionally
• Stay in the zone longer
• Play your best no matter how you feel
• Use your athletic mindset to become WHOEVER you want to become!

“I’m ready…Let’s do this!”

If you’ve read this farm you’re probably curious to hear more.
What Can You Expect From Working Together?

Master your breath, master your life: Learn useful breathing techniques to tap into flow, stay in flow longer, help you perform, and calm your nerves.

Laser Focus: Focus on what you can control, what you want to achieve, and cut out all the other nonsense that’s holding you back. Master visualization so you feel pulled to your excellence, so nobody has to push you to work hard for it.

Communicate efficiently and effortlessly: Simplify your self talk and visualization skills to enjoy more confidence, passion, intention, and focused flow.

Build a Rock Solid Foundation: Build a rock solid foundation to provide long term, consistent mental skills, sustainable positive self talk, and visualizations.

This is your personal invitation to attend a private mind shift into
feeling your flow.
You’ll get my best coaching, insight, mentoring, and performance
secrets spoon-fed to you in a personal and intimate setting.

What You’ll Get:

• Exclusive 8 week Focused Flow Mentoring Program
• Breathing techniques to help you feel calmer and more connected to help you develop the ability to reset and perform under pressure.
• How to pay attention to details to create a “feel” for the game and make you more aware of what’s essential and what’s not.

• Detailed visualizations to help you overcome challenges and fast track your success.
• Positive self-talk and affirmation worksheets to communicate with yourself more efficiently and effectively.
• Personalized performance triggers to help you connect and perform in pressure situations.
• More confidence, faith-in-failure, peace of mind, and focused flow.

“Working together will assure you always have a proven performance partner on your side. Giving you valuable feedback, ideas, and a safe place to share your challenges and kick your flow into high gear.
I look forward to coaching you to accomplish what you really want in life.”